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I was very fortunate as a child to have such wonderful grandparents. When I was 5 years old my grandmother said “all people have hidden spiritual powers and all we must do is ask God to bring these out in our life.” 

My grandmother was a missionary and a devote Christian who seemed that she had a direct line with God. I have always been inspired by her belief and love giving qualities. She also told me that God talks to us through prayer, sleep and our unconscious. So since a very young age I have always enjoyed this idea of connection , but as I got older this understanding shifted. 

The common idea was that since we can not see God in the physical world then he must not exist and being away from my strong spiritual grandmother my life began to shift away from light and take refuge in the ideas of science. But no mater how much I tried to convince myself of this thinking something was always missing in that way of thinking. Science was not able to answer all the questions I had either about our purpose in this world.

In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with having a brain aneurysm which led to a mast growth on her brain. We sought medical help but without any guarantees in medical procedures we focused inwards. We began to change our nutrition and practice peace in our life. Not knowing it at the time but by improving our health/ nutrition gave us newer deeper connections. My wife’s health turned around and our life began to shift in a completely new direction.

(Just received the above text in an email while writing this post. Isn’t it interesting how things move into synchronicity!)

After ten years of service in the military I could no longer find peace or satisfaction in the work I was doing, so I decided to separate the military and follow my heart. While life has thrown us many difficult situations each step has led us to a greater understanding of who I am.

In 2016 my wife sought help from a reiki practitioner and began sharing her experiences with me. I was deeply conflicted by reiki/ shamanism as it has always been a taboo conversation in my childhood home. But as I continued to focus inward and come closer with my understanding of my purpose I began to see this as the same relationship I had always known since childhood.

After reading and speaking with others I decided that I would try to journey and see just exactly how I felt about this practice after that. After my first journey many things became to manifest into my life and further have helped me to shift my life back into the light. 

I know focus on raising my own energy and love so that in the future I can help others to find a place of peace in thier own spiritual awareness. 


Author: Woodsyman

Highly successful and motivated entrepreneur who loves life and is taking time to say thanks to all the wonderful outcomes that my life has presented me with over the years. After serving in the US military I was exhausted, confused and afraid of the freedoms I know have. But as time goes I have come to realize that letting go of control and just being thankful has removed all those blocks that exhausted me in the past. I am truly thankful to my wife for standing by me, thankful to my courage to adapt to a new life, and I am thankful to share this life with you! "Many people realize their hearts desires late in life. Continue learning, never stop striving and keep your curiosity sharp, and you will never become too old to appreciate life." - Unknown Source -

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    1. Dear Rosemary, most of your post are in spanish so it hard for me to grasp what you post are about. However, the link you posted about game hardware and free items I was able to read it. My recommendation is make the title more clear that the post is about. Secondly the first paragraph should be an introduction to the post. Ie. What will I gain by reading this post, what is the post about, and how will reading this help me. If you incorporate those ideas and some images I think you will be well on your way. Last bit of advice dont try to write every single day other wise you will get burnt out. Slow and steady. Best of luck,



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