Sitting Bull speaks

Photo copyrighted by Taskemus
It has been hard to keep up with all the guidance and inspirational insights I have received over the past month, but I will do my best to try and repost my meditation sessions with you so that these wonderful lessons are able to reach a larger audience and I hope that will inspire and support the love of all.

Some events messages I intentionally withhold in order to protect and respect those who I am working with. So I apologize if sometimes the messages are hard to follow or unclear, but I recommend after you read these messages you ask your own guides for clarity of these meanings as they are meant for your life.

May 27th, 2017

Today I sought council with Sitting Bull and performed the required spiritual offering for allowing me to ask for his guidance.

Sitting Bull sits strong, his presence is warm and powerful. His hair is parted in the center and has two long pony tails tied with a ribbon on each tail. He waves me into sit with him and began telling me about his people.

Sitting Bull explained that the mountains are very sacred to his people and that man is born of the mountains and that one most learn to live upon the mountain as though they belong to the mountain. This way we would learn to live in harmony with our surroundings and with one another as we are dependent to one another as brothers in nature.

I asked Sitting Bull how he was able to stand so strong for his people during so much hardships and violence. “You need to trust your heart, people will try to convince you to follow their ways. Even those who are closest to you will try and persuade you for what they believe is better for you, but only you know your heart and you must trust in that above all else.”

  • This is a message that I am sure really means a lot too many, but it was extremely important to me as I recently was struggling with my relationships with friends who often have good intentions, however their messages just don’t align with the direction of my life. It is good to have relationships, but often because we believe friends want what is best for us we change our direction and walk away from our calling. Thats why it is important to listen to your hearts messages and follow what feels right to you soul.

Finally before leaving I asked Sitting Bull to pray over the beads used in the sale of Manhattan. We cleansed these beads and thanked them for their creation and apologized for not treating them with more respect for their existence. This may seem strange however I understood clearly that this event was one of the first misunderstanding between two different peoples and much of that misunderstanding and hardness continues to exist today and by clearing the beads was in away of releasing the heavy energies that persist from this world.

My journey ends.




Author: Woodsyman

Highly successful and motivated entrepreneur who loves life and is taking time to say thanks to all the wonderful outcomes that my life has presented me with over the years. After serving in the US military I was exhausted, confused and afraid of the freedoms I know have. But as time goes I have come to realize that letting go of control and just being thankful has removed all those blocks that exhausted me in the past. I am truly thankful to my wife for standing by me, thankful to my courage to adapt to a new life, and I am thankful to share this life with you! "Many people realize their hearts desires late in life. Continue learning, never stop striving and keep your curiosity sharp, and you will never become too old to appreciate life." - Unknown Source -

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