Flow of the energy circle


Through daily meditations have begun to see why the circle is such an honored symbol of the American Indian people. When looking at the traditions of my ancestral linage it is easy to see how daily practices continue the flow of energy. First example is when enter the forest many traditional Native American Indians would give an offering and make a prayer to the forest and in return would ask for safe passage through the woods. The same goes for hunts and just about all aspects of everyday life. Give thanks – and in return were given something. This would allow my ancestors to continue to move in the flow of energy.

After receiving guidance from my Spiritual Father and other assisting spirits I have begun to further examine this wonderful flow of energy. In healing I often find myself fully engaged in these powerful energy circles. There is a great amount of energy that moves from the “One source”, into me and then flows into the one I am healing and then returned back to the “One source”. As this great sources pours its energy through to us our bodies feel like a reservoir and what is spilled over is then absorbed into the person who is requiring the healing, and continued until their spiritual reservoir is filled with these energies.

As I offer my healing to others I am too in a way healed through the circle flow of energy.   My advice to those who are currently struggling in this life as we all do, since we are a soul living in a human form we often only see things in the material realm and this causes divergence from our soul and this can be the cause of so many problems in our lives. I recommend that you take time to separate from the materialistic world and give the care and love your soul needs first. Eventually once your energy levels are high enough then I would recommend sending and giving prayers to all things as this will allow you to stay in the flow of energy and be replenished daily.

Sometime we want to help others because we feel sorry for them and their problems, but if you, yourself have not restored your energy levels it is very hard to pass on the healing to others as having a low level of energy will stay in harmony with a low level of energy. But by raising your own spiritual energy you will align yourself with a higher flow of energy and be able to support others who have low energy fields.

To summarize todays transmissions from my spiritual Father, Give thanks and in return your spiritual energy with stay in cycle with the positive spiritual flow. Listen to your soul it does speak “intuition” these talks will guide you to a better, healthier plain of existence and finally once your energy is in the flow with the One Source, share it with others as this will raise the healing vibrations of all things in this world and beyond.


Love and Energy to you all,



21:11 April 25, 2017

I have been trying to stay more spiritually aware of my surroundings as I travel through the city. Instead of relying on my eyes, and preconceived notions (conscious thinking) about those who I share the train, sidewalk or public space with I have decided to try and allow my subconscious speak to me about my surroundings.

Prior to further training with the public I ensured that I invoked positive light, and spiritual guardians to assist me in my tasks. After calling for the protection from the four directions, (21:21), I went to speak with my Father and asked for guidance and training throughout my day.

As I prepared to leave the last thing I saw was that my face had been painted, the left side of my face painted in a pale chalk white and the right side in a very rich red. Across my forehead three black fingers lines from the left the right side. 

This was the end of my journey. 

What I observed in my day after the spiritual journey. While waiting at a train stop I saw an old friend standing across the opposite track, but was confused because he doesn’t live in NY. I tried to get a better view of him, but a train pulled in between us cutting off my view. When the train moved up far enough I could see through the windows of the train and he was no longer there. Confused at first by the view then I realized it was a message I needed to reach out to my old friend. 

On my morning walk I had remembered of the importance to listen to nature as a means of restoring your energy. As I reached down to touch a small bush that had been recently trimmed I wanted to send it love, but instead my heart became overwhelmed with love and I became emotional to my surroundings. 

At lunch time I called my wife and I shared with her that I wanted to get some potting material for our new house plants. We finish our conversation and I return to work. Later that afternoon I ran down to a free recycling office and found two bags of potting material! Perfect for what I needed. No matter how small these consequences may seem, the effect of receiving something valuable for free and on the same day, it is a resounding answer to my spiritual path.