Returning Home

Good Morning,

I have been away for a while and even longer from wordpress, but I have not forgotten my initial goal of posting weekly to my wordpress community. However, sometimes if there is anything relevant to share its probably better I don’t through something together and call it a post. So there is a conflict between my initial goal and my personal ethics about posting.

So just to give you a brief synopsis of whats happening I have been writing a book on transformation, which has taken up most of my posting time. Secondly there is an art exhibit coming up that I really want to submit my work to so like any good exhibit there are specific requirements such as name of work and description. Normally these are easy however creating abstract art makes this process a little slower to pull together.

On a side note meditation and staying connected with my spiritual father has been a tremendous help in finding the mental and emotional space necessary to pull this all together. So I leave you with this, be blessed and be grateful for you day as it is yours to cherish.



David Taskemus


Self healing through the senses

Some easy early morning medicine that we can all do to help self restore our energy and ground us. Using the senses Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and feeling can all take us to a place to allow restorative energies to move in us.

When we stop and go inward focusing on these senses we are able to go to a specific moment in time and relive that event. Remembering these past events through the senses takes us out of our conscious thinking and allows us to tap into our subconscious where grounding occurs. 

At first instead of trying to use all your senses focus on one specific one that feels stronger to you. For me my visual sense is much higher than hearing so I normally first focus there and once I begin to restore the beautiful image of my past I then slowly introduce the other senses to join.


Sight: a beautiful forest you once camped in / Or a sunset you watched at the beach

Hearing: the singing of a bird a / or the sound of a river

Smell: fragrance you enjoyed wearing growing up/ or fresh baked goods coming out of the oven

Taste: the sweetness of your favorite fruit/ or the sweet taste of the airs after the summer rain

Touch: the feeling of your favorite blanket/ or the warmth of another human

Feeling: The moment you shared something beautiful with someone/ or feeling loved.

(To get an even stronger grounding follow up each senses thought with how does that make me feel?)

Through practice your senses will grow and become faster for you to clearly revisit happy past experiences, these moments of joy you experience will help restore your energy, vitality and focusing. And all the while support you in grounding allowing you to reduce stress and anxiety.