Self healing through the senses

Some easy early morning medicine that we can all do to help self restore our energy and ground us. Using the senses Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and feeling can all take us to a place to allow restorative energies to move in us.

When we stop and go inward focusing on these senses we are able to go to a specific moment in time and relive that event. Remembering these past events through the senses takes us out of our conscious thinking and allows us to tap into our subconscious where grounding occurs. 

At first instead of trying to use all your senses focus on one specific one that feels stronger to you. For me my visual sense is much higher than hearing so I normally first focus there and once I begin to restore the beautiful image of my past I then slowly introduce the other senses to join.


Sight: a beautiful forest you once camped in / Or a sunset you watched at the beach

Hearing: the singing of a bird a / or the sound of a river

Smell: fragrance you enjoyed wearing growing up/ or fresh baked goods coming out of the oven

Taste: the sweetness of your favorite fruit/ or the sweet taste of the airs after the summer rain

Touch: the feeling of your favorite blanket/ or the warmth of another human

Feeling: The moment you shared something beautiful with someone/ or feeling loved.

(To get an even stronger grounding follow up each senses thought with how does that make me feel?)

Through practice your senses will grow and become faster for you to clearly revisit happy past experiences, these moments of joy you experience will help restore your energy, vitality and focusing. And all the while support you in grounding allowing you to reduce stress and anxiety.



How it began

One year ago my wife was struggling in her life, so when speaking with a close friend the topic came up. Her friend recommended going to a reiki session as it had helped in her own difficult past traumas. At this point my wife was skeptical about reiki and delayed her visit. Finally when she got the nerve to call and schedule an appointment the only day available was on her birthday. So my wife took this a sign and decided that perhaps there was something to it all.

After her first session, my wife and I met up for dinner. At which time I wasn’t sure if the reiki session was good for her or not. I did see a change in her though and she seemed more aware of past issues that had been bothering her. She recommended that I might want to also get help for myself to better help dealing with my childhood issues. Of course I was happy for her but that wasn’t for me. 

Time passed and as she continued to do her sessions she finally came to a point when her reiki session would now take her on a journey to recover her soul pieces. This idea was something that I definitely could not get my head around. The reiki practitioner gave her a book that would explain more about the journey process and what to expect.

Out of curiosity I decided that I would read this book and try to navigate my wife safely away from this “new age thinking.” And as I read the book there was several points talking about spirits holding onto soul pieces and how they were not freindly. This idea was very disturbing and bothered me deeply. As a Christian this seemed very bizarre to me and unholy. But as I finished the reading I got to a place were I felt neutral about what my wife was about to experience. 

I felt uncomfortable with the idea of spirits holding onto our pieces, but at the same time the idea that my wife might be able to overcome her pain was something that would be a real blessing. The night after her session was strange as she told me about her journing. She explained how, who, why and what had happened to her in a past life that had still been effecting her current life. I was very skeptical, but my wife insisted and some things just rang true rather or not I believed I could not completely deny that something had happened to her. 

Once again she felt a difference in herself and recommended it to me. But of course still feeling complicated about my relationship in my religion, family and personal belief system I was not ready to explore reiki. While I did not want to do reiki I could not escape what was happening around me. My home environment was getting “lighter”, issues with money were being resolved and my relationships were shifting into positive directions. 

My morning routines had changed they started with Love and uplifting songs. My train commute was now done through enjoying positive books and readings. And I began meditation more frequently. Without knowing it people began to move into my life that would Help give me the courage to shift my thinking a step further.

While having coffee with my wife a man came by who I couldn’t help but want to connect with. He was reading a history book on Native Americans, which has always been a great passion of mine. Before I knew it the three of us were having coffee together. “Well actually coffee and hot chocolate!” As we continued to talk I found out that he was studying Native American anthropology because he had once practiced shamanism/ reiki. He no longer worked with people, however he does continue to do self healing and care. 

From our short conversation we became close friends and his experiences and thoughts really helped me to re-evaluate my understanding of reiki. I realize I know nothing of it and in fact what I believe was new age was actually the oldest spiritually practiced methods known to man means have a long and exciting journey ahead.

Focusing inward on myself has allowed me to heal faster than I ever imagined and although life can still be chaotic there is so much more peace and happiness in my daily living.

Medicine men, shamans, or whatever you recognize these people as they have one goal and that is the betterment of all people, and this call to action is why I feel led to bring this awareness to people around the world and hopefully one day be able to share my ancestors love for this world and once more help restore balance and joy.