Returning Home

Good Morning,

I have been away for a while and even longer from wordpress, but I have not forgotten my initial goal of posting weekly to my wordpress community. However, sometimes if there is anything relevant to share its probably better I don’t through something together and call it a post. So there is a conflict between my initial goal and my personal ethics about posting.

So just to give you a brief synopsis of whats happening I have been writing a book on transformation, which has taken up most of my posting time. Secondly there is an art exhibit coming up that I really want to submit my work to so like any good exhibit there are specific requirements such as name of work and description. Normally these are easy however creating abstract art makes this process a little slower to pull together.

On a side note meditation and staying connected with my spiritual father has been a tremendous help in finding the mental and emotional space necessary to pull this all together. So I leave you with this, be blessed and be grateful for you day as it is yours to cherish.



David Taskemus


Flow of the energy circle


Through daily meditations have begun to see why the circle is such an honored symbol of the American Indian people. When looking at the traditions of my ancestral linage it is easy to see how daily practices continue the flow of energy. First example is when enter the forest many traditional Native American Indians would give an offering and make a prayer to the forest and in return would ask for safe passage through the woods. The same goes for hunts and just about all aspects of everyday life. Give thanks – and in return were given something. This would allow my ancestors to continue to move in the flow of energy.

After receiving guidance from my Spiritual Father and other assisting spirits I have begun to further examine this wonderful flow of energy. In healing I often find myself fully engaged in these powerful energy circles. There is a great amount of energy that moves from the “One source”, into me and then flows into the one I am healing and then returned back to the “One source”. As this great sources pours its energy through to us our bodies feel like a reservoir and what is spilled over is then absorbed into the person who is requiring the healing, and continued until their spiritual reservoir is filled with these energies.

As I offer my healing to others I am too in a way healed through the circle flow of energy.   My advice to those who are currently struggling in this life as we all do, since we are a soul living in a human form we often only see things in the material realm and this causes divergence from our soul and this can be the cause of so many problems in our lives. I recommend that you take time to separate from the materialistic world and give the care and love your soul needs first. Eventually once your energy levels are high enough then I would recommend sending and giving prayers to all things as this will allow you to stay in the flow of energy and be replenished daily.

Sometime we want to help others because we feel sorry for them and their problems, but if you, yourself have not restored your energy levels it is very hard to pass on the healing to others as having a low level of energy will stay in harmony with a low level of energy. But by raising your own spiritual energy you will align yourself with a higher flow of energy and be able to support others who have low energy fields.

To summarize todays transmissions from my spiritual Father, Give thanks and in return your spiritual energy with stay in cycle with the positive spiritual flow. Listen to your soul it does speak “intuition” these talks will guide you to a better, healthier plain of existence and finally once your energy is in the flow with the One Source, share it with others as this will raise the healing vibrations of all things in this world and beyond.


Love and Energy to you all,


May 3rd, 2017

Todays post is about a recent journey I took to help someone struggling with their health. I hope to expand about the healing powers of spiritual guides and how that all people have a hidden ability within them to help others.

I will not be giving specific information about certain practices only because some of the techniques shown to me could be used for unhealthy activities, and it is important that anyone who takes up the work of a healer, reiki, medicine man or anything of that likes understand that the healing comes from love and positive energy. If the healing is done through force or over powering this is not of light work and will have negative impacts into ones life.

With that being said, I started my day with meditation in which I traveled to speak with my spiritual guide and asked if I could perform the healing needed. My spiritual guide said that when the time came they would let me know and to have certain things prepared before journeying to do the healing. Later that evening I was returning from the kitchen when I received the message that time had come for me to journey. So I quickly went to my space where everything was prepared to do the journey. I entered the middle world and traveled to speak with my spiritual guardian and asked for his instructions and guidance on my journey. I was gifted with a powerful feather, which its use would be later known to me when the time came. The final word of advice I was told was that when I faced the sickness effecting the person I wished to heal that I should not look it in the eyes.

I quickly returned to my tree and gathered my spiritual guardians there with me as we began to journey down into the lower world. Once there I began to call out the name of the person who was effected by sickness. After calling the name several times a form presented itself and was very noncompliant and angry that I was there to heal the person. I did not look into its face as instructed but I did see that the feet where hairy and gnarly. I insisted that it was time for it to stop its disturbance of the person and time to leave. Of course the form was not willing to leave and that is when I understood the need of the feather I had been given it was to be used to cut the tie that bonded it to the person. I began praying and moving the feather over the form and the form began to shrink and harden into a black matte pebble. I took that pebble and returned to my spiritual guardian and from there I burned the pebble in a fire to remove the sickness that had taken place.

Shortly after that I felt the presence of the sickness had tried to attach itself to myself and infect my eyes. I believe if I had looked into its eyes that it is possible that I may not be able to completely remove the sickness from myself, but since I did not do that I was able to remove the sickness with the help of my guardian. I pulled a thin black thread from my left eye until it was completely removed. I thanked my spiritual guardians for allowing me to travel and for their strength in my journey.

I visited the person I traveled for and made a prayer for their quick recovery and place a healing light energy all around them to raise their health and energy. The use of the feather once again was needed to place light energy around the person to accomplish the goal.

Before returning to this world I asked what should the person I was sent to help do to ensure that they keep the sickness out. Should they eat or drink something specifically, which is normally the case, however this time I was told they should just write down they are cured and that they are so happy to have the return of their health. I felt it was important to share this story with you because self healing is one of the key things that I believe that we can all do and that we all should do.

So how do we perform self healing? Most importantly give yourself love, your body needs to know that it is loved and thanked by you. In doing so you will raise your spiritual energy, secondly try to be more aware of what you body is asking of you, perhaps you get a sudden desire to drink more water, or eat a specific food your body is letting you know that they need these things to restore themselves.

I wish you health and peace into your life